2016 Alphapointe Whiskey & wine tasting event

Event material designs for the first annual 2016 Alphapointe Boots & Pearls Wine & Whiskey tasting event. 

Designed with the same concept of a playing card supporting the concept of whiskey and wine sharing many characteristics (tasting notes, colors, aging process in barrels, etc…) but with each side designed differently style-wise reflecting the differences in each beverage (harder edges and shapes for whiskey and softer, flowing shapes for the wine). The event name is prominent in the center of the mark and also supports this dual readability in it’s execution. 

Resulted in Alphapointe, the third largest single employer of visually impaired individuals in the U.S., raising $20,000 more than their goal before the fundraising event took place on May 19th.

- 11" x 17" poster/save the date printed on #130 uncoated cover stock
- 5" x 7" invitation with custom die cut printed on #130 uncoated cover stock. Included an outer envelope, reply card and inner envelope.
- Electronic invitation
- Facebook event header image
- Twitter cover image
- Static online ad for FEAST Magazine
- Print ad for FEAST Magazine
- Outdoor board
- Glass design
- Logo design

Designer - Diane Roussin-Long
Copywriter - Sara Smith
Senior Account Executive - Kayla Blevins
Group Creative Director - Ross Wuetherich
Photography & styling - Diane Roussin-Long